Vancouver: The Kindness of Strangers

I was leaving the Home Depot in the middle of a crazy rain storm and found that my van wouldn’t start.\n\nI kept cranking and cranking until I eventually killed the battery. After a few minutes, I heard a tap on my window and a man introduced himself as the manager of Oil Can Henry’s. He then, while standing in the rain and soaking wet, asked me to pop my hood. After a few minutes of looking around under my hood, he then asked me to start my van. After one turn of my key, my van started with no problems. He then walked back to my window and told me that he tested my battery and also found a vacuum hose that was disconnected, causing my van to idle at a slower speed.\n\nI’ve had this problem with my van’s idle for a long time but everyone I’ve had look at it couldn’t find the problem. Nathan then told me that my battery was a little old and that it had tested poorly. By this time Nathan was so wet from the rain and I couldn’t be more in shock by the service I was getting from this man.\n\nI told Nathan I would meet him at the Oil Can Henry’s store. After following Nathan back to the store (about 100 yards), I was able to get my battery replaced.\n\nI am still in shock by the customer service he gave me. Nathan never once had to walk through the parking lot in the pouring rain to help me, but he did and for that I am still in utter shock and grateful. I’m 66-years old and never in my entire life have I ever had someone go out of their way to help me like Nathan did. I can’t say enough about this gentleman, nor will I ever forget his kindness towards strangers. People like Nathan make all the difference in the world.\n~ Gregory B.