Radiator Service

Antifreeze flows through your vehicle’s radiator and engine to protect from overheating, freezing, rust, and corrosion. Over time, lines can get clogged with deposits, rust and corrosion.
Replacing the antifreeze at regular intervals, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, helps:

    • Protect your engine from overheating and freezing; and
    • Restore the protection level for the entire cooling system.

Our Radiator Fluid Replacement service removes virtually 100% of the dirty, used antifreeze and replaces it with new antifreeze. Most drain and fill services replace just a small percentage of the old antifreeze.

The used fluid from your service is collected and sent out to be recycled.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

The serpentine belt gets its name because it snakes around several components of your engine – including the alternator, air conditioner, power steering and water pump – and powers them as the crankshaft turns.

When the serpentine belt fails, all the associated components – the alternator, air conditioner, power steering and water pump – stop working. That’s why it’s in your best interest to replace a serpentine belt before it breaks.

How do I know if my serpentine belt needs to be replaced?
We recommend that you regularly check your serpentine belt for signs of wear, such as every time you have your oil changed. If you see any cracks or fraying, it’s best to replace the belt before it breaks.

Listen for signs of wear, too. A squealing belt may need to be replaced.

As part of your Famous 18-Point Full-Service Oil Change, your Oil Can Henry’s technician will check your vehicle’s serpentine belt and alert you if it is in need of replacement.

When should I replace my serpentine belt?
Oil Can Henry’s recommends that you plan to replace your vehicle’s serpentine belt as preventive maintenance every 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

If you notice that the belt is cracked or frayed, replace it right away.

Refer to your vehicle’s owner manual for recommended service intervals or ask your Oil Can Henry’s technician about the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle.

Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s automatic transmission system delivers power from the engine to the drive wheels, shifting automatically to provide optimal power and efficiency for your driving speed.

Automatic transmission fluid lubricates, cools and cleans components of your vehicle’s transmission. When your vehicle is operating, this fluid is circulated through the transmission every four minutes. Automatic transmission fluid breaks down with use and heat, reducing its effectiveness and placing your transmission at risk of failure.

What is Oil Can Henry’s Automatic Transmission Service?
Replacing automatic transmission fluid is a preventive maintenance service for most vehicles. Oil Can Henry’s Automatic Transmission Service removes virtually 100% of your vehicle’s old automatic transmission fluid and replaces it with fresh, new fluid.

What are the benefits of an Automatic Transmission Service?
As a preventive maintenance service, the Automatic Transmission Service results in better protection for your transmission and better performance from your vehicle.

When should I have an Automatic Transmission Fluid Service performed?
We recommend this service be completed based on your manufacturer’s recommendation. Refer to your vehicle’s owner manual or ask your Oil Can Henry’s service technician for recommended service intervals.

Power Steering Service

Compared to other systems in your vehicle, the Power Steering system uses a relatively small quantity of fluid to perform a tremendous amount of work. The power steering fluid deteriorates over time and becomes contaminated. 

It’s recommended that you check your vehicle’s power steering fluid reservoir regularly to ensure proper level and to make sure the reservoir is not leaking. As part of Oil Can Henry’s Famous 18-Point Full-Service Oil Change, your technician will check the power steering fluid and, if needed, top-up the fluid.

What are the benefits of Oil Can Henry’s Power Steering Service?
Oil Can Henry’s Power Steering Service cleans the power steering system, removing sludge and contaminates, and replaces the old fluid with new. This helps to ensure proper protection and lubrication of the power steering components.

When should I have my power steering fluid replaced?
If you have difficulty steering or hear a squeal when turning your steering wheel, it may be time for an Oil Can Henry’s Power Steering Service.

Oil Can Henry’s recommends a Power Steering Service as a preventive maintenance service every two years or 30,000 miles.

Fuel System Cleaning

1612Master84Carbon deposits form inside your vehicle’s engine, potentially causing a drop in engine performance and fuel economy, hard starts and an increase in emissions. This happens in all gasoline-powered engines, but it’s particularly prevalent when the gasoline used contains ethanol and/or is a lower grade gasoline (which is likely to contain fewer detergents than a top-tier gasoline).

What does Golden Touch Fuel System Cleaner do?
For use in all gasoline powered cars and trucks, Golden Touch Fuel System Cleaner cleans and protects the entire fuel system and cleans fuel injectors in one treatment. It cleans the fuel tank, fuel lines, and carburetor/fuel injectors as you drive to prevent rough idling and engine stalling. 

When used regularly, Golden Touch Fuel System Cleaner helps eliminate harmful deposits and prevent the formation of future deposits. 

How do I use Golden Touch Fuel System Cleaner?
Add Golden Touch Fuel System Cleaner to a full fuel tank. It will clean the fuel tank, fuel lines, and carburetor/fuel injectors as you drive. 

How often should I use Golden Touch Fuel System Cleaner?
Oil Can Henry’s recommends using the fuel system cleaner every 3,000 miles to keep your fuel system clean.

You can choose Golden Touch Fuel System Cleaner as one of the two additives in your Oil Can Henry’s Full-Service Supreme oil change service.

Gold Eagle Satisfaction Guarantee
Gold Eagle, manufacturer of Golden Touch products, offers a money-back guarantee on its Fuel System Cleaner.