Battery Service

You won’t get too far without a good battery, which provides power to your vehicle’s starter and ignition system, among other things.
That’s why Oil Can Henry’s Famous 18-Point Full-Service Oil Change includes a complimentary battery test. Your Oil Can Henry’s technician will perform a complimentary conductance test on your battery and provide you with an informative readout that shows the current charge, cold cranking amps on your battery, and alerts you if there is a concern about your battery life. We’ll also inform you about the condition of your battery terminals.
Oil Can Henry’s offers these battery services:

    • Battery Replacement. Time for a new battery? Oil Can Henry’s proudly sells and installs quality Interstate Batteries.
    • Battery Terminal Cleaning. Corroded battery terminals can prevent your vehicle from starting properly and can reduce the life of your battery. Our Battery Terminal Cleaning service helps your battery perform properly by removing acid and corrosion from the battery posts and terminals. The service includes the installation of felt pads on the posts and application of chemical inhibitor to slow the build-up of future deposits.