Are You Ready for Fall Driving? Check These 5 Things to Be Sure

och_enl_image_0916_fall_driving_nopadThe days are getting shorter, temperatures are dipping and rain is in the forecast. There’s no denying it: Summer’s officially in the rear view mirror.
The change of seasons is a good time to ensure trouble-free fall driving by changing your vehicle’s oil and taking care of other basic maintenance.
At Oil Can Henry’s, it’s our mission to help you maintain your vehicle and ensure it’s operating safely and efficiently. With this in mind, we’re pleased to offer this fall vehicle maintenance checklist:
1) Check the fluids, including motor oil, coolant/antifreeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. These fluids break down and wear out over time, so it’s a good idea to check them regularly and replace them before there’s a problem. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual includes recommended service intervals. Don’t forget the windshield washer fluid!
2) Check the tires and have them rotated if you haven’t done so recently. Front and rear tires wear differently; rotating them helps extend tire life and ensure safe driving. Most owner’s manuals include tire rotation recommendations.
3) Check windshield wiper blades and replace them if they’re ineffective. Wiper blades often harden and crack during the summer heat. If you’ve noticed that your wipers aren’t providing a clear view of the road ahead, take advantage of Oil Can Henry’s convenient¬†Wiper Blade Replacement service.
4) Check lights and turn signals to ensure all are operating correctly. As the days get shorter, it’s increasingly important that other drivers can easily see you. So, replace bulbs that are burned out or not functioning.
5) Check the battery to ensure there’s sufficient life remaining and clean off corrosion that can reduce battery life. (It’s never fun to be stranded by a dead battery, but it’s particularly troublesome in the rain or snow.)
While this may seem lot of work, you can complete a lot of it with a quick visit to your local Oil Can Henry’s.
Our trained technicians perform a thorough check of your vehicle as part of our Famous 18-Point Full-Service Oil Change. They check and fill coolant/antifreeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, battery, and windshield wiper fluid. They also check lights and turn signals. And they’ll inform you of the service recommendations provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer so you can make educated decisions about service for your vehicle.
To lean more about the wide variety of preventive maintenance services we provide, visit our website.