Oil Can Henry’s Employees Praised as Heroes for Quick Response to Fire

When they went to work at Oil Can Henry’s in Silverton, Ore., last Friday, Brian Baumann, Randy Tucker and Aaron Woods didn’t expect to end the day as heroes. But that’s exactly what happened as the trio acted quickly to help contain an apartment fire across the street from their service center. In the process, the three may have helped save a few lives.\n\nAccording to The Statesman-Journal newspaper, the three “saw a flaming bush about 1:30 p.m. and ran over with a fire extinguisher, but the flames jumped to nearby bushes.\n\nNo injuries were reported, and authorities are investigating the fire’s cause.\n\nSarah Mackie and her roommate Brooke Hall credited Tucker and Baumann for getting them out of the apartment before the fire spread, calling the men ‘heroes’.”\n\nAll of us Oil Can Henry’s are proud of Brian, Randy and Aaron and their quick and brave response to the fire.\n\nWe’re proud to count you as members of our team, guys!