From Our Customers: Full Transparency

Oil Can Henry's in San Francisco, California
Oil Can Henry’s – San Francisco, CA. 300 7th Street

San Francisco, CA
5 out of 5 stars on Yelp.
I have a sports Honda that I’ve serviced at the Honda “stealership” for the past 10 years since I bought the car.  I’ve documented my mediocre experiences on Yelp, but despite my love-hate relationship, I keep going back.  Well this time around, I couldn’t. Tried to book an oil change, and whatddya know, booked for 2 weeks out!!!
So a friend mentioned Oil Can Henry’s. I was thinking it’s a shot in the dark. I know *nothing* about cars. In fact, chances are, I’ve been taken advantage of on more than a few occasions.
But as soon as I pulled into this spot, I was put at ease. Here’s how it works:

  • You pull in, and tell them what you need.
  • Wait in your car while they do the work
  • FULL TRANSPARENCY, the best part  🙂

They have TV screens that show you the work while it’s being done.
Oil changes, fluid-top offs, tire pressure, wiper blade changes are all on the list. (They did sell me on a couple of other recommendations, but they were good about justifying why I needed it. Case in point – when you see your air filter is BLACK as mine was, then it’s time for a change.)
Prices are disclosed before you sign on to do anything.
All in all, this is probably the best experience I’ve had changing my oil.  Customer service is so on point, I have to recommend to my girls (and guys) who may be moving targets like me.
~ Angella S.
San Francisco, CA