From Our Customers: Exceptional Communication

Oil Can Henry's in Antioch, California
Oil Can Henry’s – Antioch, California: 2749 Hillcrest Avenue

Oil Can Henry’s – Antioch, California:
What a slick little place to get your oil changed!
I’d brought a book to read in a waiting-room but I didn’t even get out of my car, as they have you drive into the garage and stay in it while they change your oil and complete inspections.
It’s a neat process and there’s exceptional communication going on in that garage which is not only entertaining to listen to, but confirms what’s being serviced and inspected.
It’s a fun little time-warp feeling with the older era clothing. The whole time I wished I had my nephews with me; they would have been ecstatic to watch it all.
I went first thing in the morning and was in and out in record time.
~ Courtney D.
San Diego, CA