December Anniversaries: Earning Trust and Thriving in Milwaukie

Known as the “Dogwood City of the West“, Milwaukie, Ore., was home to largest andOil Can Henry's - Milwaukie, Ore. oldest dogwood tree in the United States until 1962.\n\nThat year, a massive Columbus Day windstorm ravaged the Pacific Northwest and caused significant damage to the tree, which had soared 65 feet high and spread 50 feet. When it was determined that the tree couldn’t be saved, community leaders chose to continue it’s legacy by bestowing “official city tree” status another dogwood in the area.\n\nThis dogwood tale is emblematic of Milwaukie and the community’s ability weather the recession. The city, a short seven miles south of Portland, has employed hard work and persistence to create a thriving business community that today includes household names such as Bob’s Red Mill, Dark Horse Comics, Dave’s Killer Bread, and Warn Industries.\n\nOil Can Henry’s-Milwaukie has proudly served this vibrant community for almost a quarter century (we opened our doors on December 14, 1999) and truly appreciate the loyal following of drivers who trust us to help their vehicles run better and last longer.\n\nOur Milwaukie center is one of 12 celebrating December anniversaries. Our congratulations also go to:\n