From Our Customers: You Are My Hero

Oil Can Henry's - 5020 S.W. Philomath Boulevard in Corvallis, Oregon
Oil Can Henry’s – Corvallis, OregonToday, you are my hero!!
\n\nToday, you are my hero!!\n\nI knew I had a good thing with you, having you change the oil in my 1991 Ford Explorer for the past 10 years (or more), helping it reach the ripe old age of 402k miles. But now, you have completely blown my gasket, in a good way, with your sincere care for my car.\n\nI live on the beautiful Oregon Coast, which requires me to cross the Coast Range when heading for the I-5 corridor, what we call “The Valley.” My car had made it over the last mountain and was heading for the town of Corvallis where I always stop at the Oil Can Henry’s on Highway 34 (in Corvallis) to get the oil topped off before turning north for Portland.\n\nAt this time I smelled burning oil and could tell it was coming from my vehicle’s engine. I crossed my fingers and drove the additional 10 mile to my usual stop for oil. The team at the Corvallis OCH service center were quick to inspect my vehicle and could tell from the leaking oil that there was a serious problem.\n\nI was ready to bite the bullet and call for a tow truck when Aaron, the manager, stepped up as my emergency angel. He suggested I wait while he and his team identified the damaged part, an oil pressure regulating thingamajig, and offered to replace it himself. Wow, what a surprise! Suddenly, I felt so safe knowing that OCH really cared about my safety and well being.\n\nIn less than an hour, my old Explorer was back on the road and peacefully rolling towards our destination, with the oil well topped.\n\nI can’t thank these guys enough and wish to sing their praise…\n


  • Aaron – Manager
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  • Cody – P.I.C.
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  • George  – Area Supervisor
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\nWith great appreciation,\n\n~ Katrina W.\nYachats, Oregon