A Cooling Flush in Winter? Here’s Why It Makes Sense

Here we are, smack dab in the middle of winter. So, why would your vehicle possibly need a Cooling System Flush now?\n\nThe Cooling System works year-round, in the cold and the heat, to keep the engine operating at a consistent temperature and ensure peak efficiency.\n\nAntifreeze is a critical fluid in the Cooling System. It circulates throughout the system to protect your engine from overheating, freezing, rust, and corrosion, and provides lubrication for the water pump.\n\nOver time, antifreeze will break down and lose its ability to provide the proper engine protection. So, it’s important to check the antifreeze often and replace it before it wears out and loses its protective qualities.\n\nReplacing the antifreeze at regular intervals, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, can help prevent freezing, overheating, irreversible cooling system corrosion and water pump failure.\n\nOil Can Henry’s Cooling System Flush removes virtually 100% of the dirty, worn-out antifreeze and replaces it with fresh, new antifreeze. In comparison, most drain and fill services replace just a small percentage of the old antifreeze.\n\nOil Can Henry’s collects the used fluid from your service is collected and sends it out to be recycled.\n\nNot sure about the condition of your antifreeze? Drop by your neighborhood Oil Can Henry’s for a free test.\n\n