Power Steering Service

Compared to other systems in your vehicle, the Power Steering system uses a relatively small quantity of fluid to perform a tremendous amount of work. The power steering fluid deteriorates over time and becomes contaminated. 

It’s recommended that you check your vehicle’s power steering fluid reservoir regularly to ensure proper level and to make sure the reservoir is not leaking. As part of Oil Can Henry’s Famous 18-Point Full-Service Oil Change, your technician will check the power steering fluid and, if needed, top-up the fluid.

What are the benefits of Oil Can Henry’s Power Steering Service?
Oil Can Henry’s Power Steering Service cleans the power steering system, removing sludge and contaminates, and replaces the old fluid with new. This helps to ensure proper protection and lubrication of the power steering components.

When should I have my power steering fluid replaced?
If you have difficulty steering or hear a squeal when turning your steering wheel, it may be time for an Oil Can Henry’s Power Steering Service.

Oil Can Henry’s recommends a Power Steering Service as a preventive maintenance service every two years or 30,000 miles.