Air Conditioning Service

Does it feel a bit warmer inside your vehicle? Does it take longer for your windows to de-fog? Your air conditioning system may be in need of a recharge.

What does the air conditioning system do?
The air conditioning system removes heat and humidity from the cabin to help the interior of your vehicle feel cooler and de-fog windows. Refrigerant can slowly leak out through the service ports or rubber hoses, resulting in low refrigerant levels and gradually higher air temperature coming from your air conditioning system. This rise in temperature occurs over a long period of time and is so gradual that you may not even notice it.

Why should I have an Air Conditioning Recharge performed?
Oil Can Henry’s Air Conditioning Recharge service helps restore the performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system by removing moisture (which can damage air conditioning components) and replacing lost refrigerant. In fact, recharging your system can lower the air conditioning temperature by as much as 30º F.

Oil Can Henry’s Air Conditioning Recharge service also includes a leak test and visual inspection of the system.

When should I have an Air Conditioning Recharge performed?
We recommend that you recharge your vehicle’s air conditioning system every two years to restore lost refrigerant and remove moisture from the system.

Unsure if you need the service? Ask for a free, no obligation temperature reading today!