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ECO ULTRA Synthetic Blend

ECO ULTRA is a high-performance, environmentally friendly motor oil that’s re-refined from collected used motor oil. ECO ULTRA:

  • Reduces the Need for Crude. One ECO ULTRA oil change eliminates the need for up to 100 gallons of crude, which helps reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.
  • Made in the USA. ECO ULTRA is manufactured by Universal Lubricants, which was founded in 1929 and is headquartered in Wichita, Kan.
  • Reduces Harmful Emissions. Re-refining produces 65% fewer harmful emissions than the process of refining crude.
  • Conserves Energy. Re-refining uses up to 89% less energy than the process of refining crude.
  • 100% Guaranteed. ECO ULTRA meets the same specs and vehicle warranty requirements as oils produced from virgin crude. Plus, ECO ULTRA is endorsed by Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota and other manufacturers.

ECO ULTRA is produced by re-refining used oil using a hydro treating process extremely similar to the refining process used for crude oil. However, the re-refining process uses up to 89% less energy and produces up to 65% fewer emissions than the process of refining crude.
The re-refined base oil, which is indistinguishable from base oil produced from crude, is blended with new, superior additives to create ECO ULTRA oil.

About Closed Loop ManufacturingClosed Loop Manufacturing Process
The ECO ULTRA process is an example of environmentally-friendly Closed Loop Manufacturing.
There are four steps in the ECO ULTRA process:
1. Collection. Used oil is collected from reliable sources such as automotive maintenance service providers.
2. Re-Refining. The used oil is re-refined using a hydro treating process that produces a high-quality base oil.
3. Manufacturing. The base oil is blended with high performance additives to produce the synthetic blend re-refined motor oil.
4. Servicing. The re-refined oil is made available to consumers.
ECO ULTRA is not available at all locations. Please contact your local center for details.

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