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Career Opportunities
At Oil Can Henry’s, it’s more than a job. We offer the opportunity to build a career. We provide training and mentorship. Where, and how far, you go depends on you.
Here are some of the positions for which we are currently hiring:

  • Center Manager
    The Manager has the responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the business. You’ll be responsible for team member management (training, motivation, performance and reviews), inventory control, profit & loss analysis, record keeping, center maintenance, and most importantly, customer service.
  • Center Trainer
    Responsible for training and mentoring new team members, the Center Trainer has management and training responsibilities at the center. It’s your responsibility to ensure that new team members receive the proper training they need to master Oil Can Henry’s products and services. This position will prepare you for the next step in your career, whether you choose to advance in management or training.
  • Crew Positions
    Begin with an entry level position, where you’ll receive intensive training in the unique Oil Can Henry’s operations and customer service procedures.

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