Is Your Vehicle Winterized? Check These 9 Things to Be Sure

Winter is just around the corner, so it’s a good idea to take a little time now and make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold, and sometimes treacherous, driving conditions ahead.\n\n“You can save money and avoid dangerous winter breakdowns by properly maintaining your vehicle,” explains Don Weber, Vice President of Operations for Oil Can Henry’s. Specifically, Weber … Continue reading Is Your Vehicle Winterized? Check These 9 Things to Be Sure

Setting the Standard for Superior Service in College Place

\n\nAt Oil Can Henry’s, we’re committed to earning our customers’ lasting trust by providing quality service that’s quick, convenient, thorough, and a great value.\n\nAll our local center owners and their teams of friendly, trained technicians work hard each and every day to provide customers with a superior service experience.\n\nNonetheless, it takes a particularly stellar and sustained … Continue reading Setting the Standard for Superior Service in College Place

August Anniversaries: Reaching New Heights in Tigard

Every June, the morning and evening sky over Tigard, Ore., is illuminated by the colorful glow of hot air balloons.\n\nThe three-day Festival of Balloons in Tigard draws thousands of people who come to watch the colorful balloons inflate and rise into the sky.\n\nMany in the crowd hang around to enjoy tasty food and carnival rides, … Continue reading August Anniversaries: Reaching New Heights in Tigard

Yakima-River Road: Very Impressed

I was very impressed with how my service was done. The personnel were very professional and did not rush through the service and acted like they really cared about my vehicle.\n\nThey did a really thorough job and I definitely will be bringing this vehicle back and another vehicle that I have.\n\nAlso, all your workers were … Continue reading Yakima-River Road: Very Impressed

July Anniversaries: Celebrating Five Years in Spokane

As you stroll Spokane’s wonderful Riverfront Park district, you can still see vestiges of the 1974 World’s Fair that helped transform the city’s downtown by attracting more than 5.2 million visitors and pumping about $150 million into the local economy.\n\nFast forward 34 years to 2008, when Spokane residents Bob and Barb Davisson opened the first Oil … Continue reading July Anniversaries: Celebrating Five Years in Spokane

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  • The Dangers of Driving with Low Oil Level We've seen a surprising number of vehicles arriving at our centers with low, or no, engine oil.\n\nIt's our mission to help drivers get the most out of their vehicles by ensuring those vehicles run better and… (5,921)
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  • A Cooling Flush in Winter? Here’s Why It Makes Sense Here we are, smack dab in the middle of winter. So, why would your vehicle possibly need a Cooling System Flush now?\n\nThe Cooling System works year-round, in the cold and the heat, to keep the engine… (1,204)
  • 6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle Spring has sprung!That means it’s time to shake off the last remnants of winter and prepare for the warm, sunny days ahead by giving your vehicle a thorough cleaning and inspection.An exterior car wash is a great… (1,002)
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  • From Our Customers: Can’t Beat Good Customer Service Gresham, OR 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp. I've been going to this location since I first started driving. 9 out of 10 times great service! They check everything and it's an enjoyable yet… (611)
  • Did You Resolve to Save Money? Oil Can Henry’s… We're three weeks into the New Year and, chances are, most of us have broken a New Year's resolution or two.In fact, research shows that just 9.2% of Americans feel they are successful in achieving… (565)
  • Henry’s Hints: Protecting Your Radiator Cold winter temperatures can be hard on your vehicle and the fluids, such as antifreeze/coolant, that help it operate.Antifreeze/coolant flows through your vehicle’s radiator and engine to protect against both freezing temperatures and engine heat.Over… (513)
  • Get in Tune with Our Spark Plug Replacement Service Does your vehicle have more than 50,000 miles? Have you noticed a decrease in gas mileage or engine performance?\n\nIf you answered "yes" to either of these questions, it may be time to replace your spark plugs.\n\nWorn or… (414)


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