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March Anniversaries: Not-So-Secret in Gresham

Oil Can Henry's - Gresham, OregonGresham leaders may have a point when they say their city is “Oregon’s Best Kept Secret”. After all, most people don’t know Gresham has 1,635 fire hydrants; 116.74 miles of bike lanes; and 7,500 street lights. And, the majority of Americans are likely unaware that the city (the fourth largest in Oregon) was named after the American Civil War general, and Postmaster General, Walter Quinton Gresham\n\nThat said, there’s one thing that’s definitely not a secret in Gresham: the popularity of the local Oil Can Henry’s service center, which is owned and operated by Charlie Schwab.\n\nOne of Oil Can Henry’s first employees, Charlie has more than 30 years of vehicle maintenance and customer service experience under his belt. He understands the importance of providing quick, convenient and thorough service that people can trust, and has developed a fantastic team of friendly, hard-working technicians that know their way around a vehicle. Together, the Gresham crew has earned the loyalty of drivers throughout the Gresham area.\n\nCongratulations to Charlie and his Gresham team on 13 years of superior service. And kudos to the five other Oil Can Henry’s service centers also celebrating March anniversaries:\n

Bend: Making an Oil Change Entertaining

Oil Can Henry's - Bend, OregonJason, Daniel, Joey, and Chris were the best!\n\nFun to watch, professional and knowledgeable. They showed me everything they were doing and why. Suggestions were made without making me feel pressured to buy. After checking everything, I was shown I would need a new battery sooner than later. Called my husband and he said the price was right and the battery had a 5 star rating.\n\nI was given a free donut for my husband (that was one of the best donuts we’ve had in a long time). The guys were so fun to watch and seemed to really enjoy their work. They went above and beyond what I expected and I will never go anywhere else but Oil Can Henry’s.\n\nThanks guys for making an oil change entertaining.\n\n~ Dawn M.\nBend, OR

February Anniversaries: Making History in The Dalles

Oil Can Henry's - The Dalles, OregonLife’s good in The Dalles, Ore.\n\nResidents of this Columbia River Gorge community — and the thousands of people who visit every year — enjoy unrivaled scenery, small-town charm, world-class recreational activities and an incredible sense of history.\n\nFor example: The area was a major Native American trading center for at least 10,000 years and later marked the point where travelers on the Oregon Trail packed their wagons onto rafts for an often perilous journey down the Columbia River to Oregon City.\n\nFifteen years ago this month, longtime residents Dave and Charlotte Link made some history of their own when they opened their Oil Can Henry’s service center at 1011 W. 8th Place. Since then, Dave and his hard-working team of trained technicians have earned the trust and loyalty of drivers from miles around.\n\nSo, the next time you find yourself enjoying the Columbia River Gorge, drop by Oil Can Henry’s in The Dalles and say, “Hi”. Dave and his crew will be happy to see you.\n\nOur congratulation also go to the five other Oil Can Henry’s service centers celebrating February anniversaries:\n


Soquel: Service, Service, Service

Oil Can Henry's in Soquel, CATrust your advisor at Oil Can Henry’s.\n\nI was presented with a report on my battery. It was a good battery but the advisor pointed out a concern about charging amps. I called AAA, which had installed the new battery 34 months ago. AAA came to my home and advised the battery will be replaced “under warranty”. Thanks to your staff for making me aware; it saved me from potential problems later and additional cost.\n\nThis is what keeps people coming back to Oil Can Henry’s. Service, Service, Service.\n\nMany thanks for job well done.\n\nBob H.\nSanta Cruz, CA

The Best Time to Buy Car Insurance? It Depends on Where You Are

Is there a “best” time to buy car insurance? In many states, there is.\n\nIn fact, nationwide, insurance rates vary by about 7.5% from the cheapest month to the most expensive month. Read more and get more info for your home state — including the best and worst month(s) to buy — here.